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Pilot Certification Requirements for Air Carrier Operations

The Federal Aviation Authority has mandated additional pilot training for new pilots wishing to be employed in air carrier operations.

From 12 August 2014 the new rules contained in AC 61-138/139 come into force.

Students graduating from specifically approved commercial flight training schools or university aeronautical degree programs may be exempted from this requirement. However, all students still need to be thoroughly prepared for air carrier operations.

Padpilot already publishes the best ATPL training material available anywhere. The new Padpilot FAA ATP books will offer you unmatched quality at a ridiculously affordable price. We leverage the highly successful Padpilot series of ATPL e-books to give your organization the best possible preparation materials for air carrier operations training.  New FAA ATP iBooks will start to appear in the Apple iBooks Store later this year.

  • The Padpilot Plus ATP-CTP program materials are 100% compliant with the FAA learning objectives for the program. We offer full support for all training organizations wishing to use our training material. This includes student learning materials, classroom Keynote slides and an online learning management system which you can use to test students and prepare test papers from an in-built database of questions.

  • Padpilot is not a training organisation. Some of the requirements of the ATP-CTP mean that you must enrol with a college or school equipped with synthetic training devices. You are very welcome to purchase our books from the Apple iBookstore, these will cover all the theoretical knowledge (and a great deal more) that you need to know. But you will also need to engage with a school to complete your training.

  • Padpilot books are delivered as e-books on the Apple iPad or iPad Mini. E-books offer students the richest possible experience. E-delivery is fast, cheap, responsive and totally in line with the move towards mobile training solutions.


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